2011 Jubilee Celebration (25 and 50 years)

  2011 Jubilee Celebration (25 and 50 years)

tn_20112550JubilariansMay 21, 2011 – Five Franciscan Missionaries of Mary celebrated their jubilee at a Mass held in Holy Family Chapel, Fruit Hill, RI.  Sisters Elfriede Jackson, Claire Napoleon, and Vita Marie Riccardelli celebrated their Golden Jubilee; Rose Marie Brooks and Nancy Cabral celebrated their silver jubilee.

2011 Jubilee Celebration (25 and 50 years)



May 21, 2011 – Sr. Lois Anne Pereira, Provincial of the USA Province, welcomed all to the Celebration.

The Principal Celebrant and homilist was Rev. Thomas Hartle, OFM. Concelebrants were  Rev. John Ephraim, Rev. Mitchell Dowalgo, CSB assisted by Deacon David McNeil.

Barbara McKay led the procession and the recession with a liturgical dance; Margaret Riccardelli and Sr. Pauline Gilmore, fmm proclaimed the Readings; Sr. Anne Dundin, fmm led the intercessory prayers

md SistersOfferingDuring the Offertory significant symbols were carried in procession to the altar as Sr. Carol Flaherty read the meaning of the symbols.  Sr. Frances Milano carried a candle; Sr. Thi-Truyen Nguyen carried a globe of the world to signify that Franciscan Missionaries of Mary are sent to continue the mission of Christ, who reveals to us the Father’s love.  God challenges us to be attentive to the needs of the changing world.

Sr. Claire McQuilkin carried the Constitutions.  The Lord calls us to live in Gospel fraternity.  His love is the light that gathers us together and, with our Constitutions forges bonds of unity among us.

Sr Jackie LaVie carried the missionary cross.  We are dedicated to universal mission as an international religious Institute.  We go anywhere and to anyone to announce the Good News.

md PaulaKingofferingthebread

Bread was presented by Paula King

md MaryDubeofferingthewineThe Wine was offered by Mary Dube. 

Answering the same call, we live with the Sisters God gives us; our community is a place of mutual conversion and is built up in faith around Christ, Word, Bread and Wine.

Dialogue: At the renewal of vows, a dialogue occurred amongst the Celebrant, Provincial, Jubilarians and the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Community.

Celebrant: In gratitude for the gift of the vowed lives of Sr. Claire Napoleon, Sr. Elfriede Jackson, Sr. Vita Marie Riccardelli, Sr. Rosie Brooks, and Sr. Nancy Cabral to the Lord Jesus and to the Church, we ask for them continued perseverance, joy, and love as they renew their vows today before all assembled here.

Sr. Lois: In your goodness, Father, you have called Sisters Claire, Elfriede, Vita, Rosie, and Nancy to follow your Son more closely as Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.  Give them the grace to continue to walk with you along the path of your love, an adventure on which they set out so many years ago and which has taken them to many peoples and to many parts of the world.  We ask you this through Christ our Lord.

md 5Jubilarians

(L-R) Sr. Vita Marie Riccardelli, fmm, Sr. Elfriede M. Jackson, fmm, Sr. Claire Napoleon, fmm, Sr. Rose Marie Brooks, fmm and Sr. Mary Nancy Cabral, fmm 

FMM Community Response: We, your sisters, acknowledge with joy and gratitude the gift you arto us. We thank you for all the years of loving and generous service you rendered to God’s people in many parts of our world. We thank you too for the shared joys and sorrows, strengths, and weaknesses which enriched our lives in community.

We praise God for giving you to us and we promise to support and cherish you as we journey together on the path God has fashioned for us. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary extended their hand and blessed the Jubilarians.

Blessing: May God bless you Sisters Claire, Elfriede, Vita, Rosie, and Nancy, now and always.

The Liturgy was continued in Lourdes Hall with a celebratory dinner and socialization.

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Sprinkler System

tn LOGOdarker


Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
399 Fruit Hill Avenue
North Providence, Rhode Island 02911

April 2011

Dear Friends,

Spring is here and all around us we are starting to see new life, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and there is freshness in the air that says how good it is to be alive.  We have so much to be thankful for as this new day begins.

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary are known to many of you both here in the United States as well as overseas in our missions.  Our Sisters have given of themselves completely to witness to the Gospel and to serve God’s people wherever they maybe and whatever the need maybe.

Now as many of our sisters are living at our convent in North Providence, Rhode Island we are realizing how important it is that we care for them as they have done for so many throughout the years.  This is why we are coming to you today, to ask your help as we have undertaken a major project to install a sprinkler system throughout the building where our sisters live.

Although we have smoke detectors throughout the building we know that in this day and age a sprinkler system provides greater security and safety in case of necessity.  This is why we are coming to you today, to ask your help in whatever you can to fund this project. “For whatsoever you do for the least of my little one, you do for me.” (Matt. 5)

Through the years the sisters have planted the seeds of compassion by their work in schools, hospitals, social services etc.  Today in the lives of so many people all over the world we see how the seeds that were planted have blossomed into flowers of hope and love in the lives of so many people.

We are grateful for whatever you can do to support us in this project to install a Sprinkler System at our convent known to many of you at Fruit Hill in North Providence, Rhode Island.

Thank you and may God bless you.




Noreen Murray, F.M.M.
Provincial Treasurer