FMM 15 yrs or Less

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Sisters of Final Vows of 15 years or less gather

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Back row: Nga Le, Kim Loan Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Lucia Kim, Chi Dinh, Sheila Lehmkuhle
Middle row: Gina Chua, Joanne Jones, RSM, Truyen Nguyen, Lois Pereira,
Front row: Hoa Nguyen, Maria de Lourdes Lopez, Veronica Shanshad, Martha Nguyen Vu


FMM sisters of Final Vows of 15 years or less gathered with Sr. Lois Ann Pereira, Provincial, to hear input from Sr. Jo Anne Jones, RSM on navigating through midlife. They reflected on their lives thus far and were challenged to embrace the gifts they have to offer, as well as look realistically at what stops them from moving forward and giving of their best selves. Sharing in groups and personal sharing in the larger group helped everyone present in self-understanding and in better understanding and appreciation of one another. They look forward to seeing one another next year!


Enlarged Council Meeting

Enlarged Provincial Council Meeting


                        Local Coordinators of the United States met with Sr. Lois Pereira and her council to be informed about, and to reflect on, the just concluded Enlarged General Council. Video and Power Point presentations that were shown at the Enlarged General Council were used at the Enlarged Provincial Council meeting.


Front: L-R: Sr. Rosemarie Higgins, Sr. Concepcion Zunzarren, Sr. Rosalie McNaughton, Sr. Mary Petrosky, Sr. Pauline Baris

Back: Sr. Elizabeth Keegan, Sr. Anne Turbini, Sr. Kim Loan Nguyen, Sr. Elizabeth Conyers, Sr. Nga Thi Le, Sr. Lois Ann Pereira, Sr. Noreen Murray, Sr. Marie Cinotti, Sr. Patricia Barrett, Sr. Joyce Gardella, Sr. Barbara Dopierala