Jubilarians  2016


 Jubilarians  2016


L-R:  Fr. Nick Smith, Celebrant and Homilist Anne Kelly, fmm,65th  

Ann Tarnauskas, fmm, 65th , Minda Castrillo, fmm, 60th

Savina D’Agostino, fmm 80th  Anna  Lina Garcia, fmm, 60th

Gloria Carpinello, fmm 60th

We rejoice and give thanks to God for the gift of their lives which has touched so many all over the world.  Certainly the words of Mary of the Passion is reechoed in your lives- “the world is our home.”

About the Jubilarians of 2016 –


80th Anniversary

Savina D’Agostino, FMM

Sister entered at Fruit Hill in March, 1931, made first vows in 1933 and while still in first vows, was sent in 1935 to the Navajo Mission in Arizona as one of its foundresses.   There, she spent the next 25 years of her life, and worked among the Dineh whom she loved, and was loved and respected in return.  In 1961 Savina went to serve in our St. Francis Residence in San Francisco, as seamstress, sacristan, infirmarian, laundress and cook.  Then in 1973 Sister went to our community in St. Louis serving as sacristan for the Eucharistic Shrine and working with a group that sewed for the missions,  and also visited the hospitals and nursing homes.  In 1976 Savina was called to Fruit Hill where she again was sacristan and a helper in our Day Program for the Elderly.  Even now, Sister is always ready to help, along with her big smile; at age 102, she is definitely still on her mission.





70th Anniversary

Theresa Arsenault, FMM

Sister entered at Fruit Hill, North Providence on September 15, 1945, made first vows on March 19, 1948 and final vows the same date in 1951.  After first vows, Theresa was sent to Roslyn, N.Y.  where she cared for children afflicted with rheumatic fever.  Then, her mission was at Divine Providence Shelter in Manhattan, N.Y. caring for children, and later, to Kennedy Hospital (now known as Franciscan Hospital for Children) in Brighton, Ma. Kobe, Japan was where Sr. Theresa was missioned in 1954,  serving as teacher in Stella Maris International School.  Sister returned to the USA in 1977, but only after having also served in Yokohama and Shukugawa.  After further studies, Theresa taught in our Fall River, Ma. school. Years later, she was sent to serve in our missions in New Mexico, Arizona and also in St. Louis.  Then Sr. Theresa was missioned to do pastoral care for our FMM sisters in St. Antoine Residence.  Later, as a resident herself, Theresa tries to do as much as she can with her prayer and acts of kindness.  Sr. Theresa is a resident of Hospice St. Antoine and unable to be present for the celebration



65th Aniversary

Sister Anne Kelly, fmm

Sister Anne Kelly entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary  on September 18, 1950 and after her first vows on March 19, 1953, she attended  Emmanuel College, graduating with a major in Mathematics.  After final vows in 1956, Anne  was sent to Fall River, MA. where she taught  at Espiritu Santo School for one year.  Then Sr. Anne was sent to Rome where after one month, was missioned to Pakistan where she first spent nine years as a Professor of English in a college, followed by six years as directress of the FMM Juniorate.  The next several years saw Sister Anne serving the young and the church in various ways.  In 1978 Anne was missioned back to USA, first teaching again in Fall River, all while earning a Masters degree.   Then for 7 years, Anne taught at St. Teresa’s School in Providence, while serving in the finance office of Fruit Hill. After that time, for 8 years she served in the province’s finance office in New York.  For the next 14 years, both in St. Louis and in Pine Mountain, Ga.,  Sister Anne as ESL teacher, devoted herself to helping immigrant and refugee women and being active in FOCUS and their outreach to the needy.  At present,  Anne helps in finance services in Fruit Hill as well as being an ESL tutor when needed.


65th Anniversary

Ann Tarnauskas, fmm

Sr. Ann Tarnauskas entered the FMM on March 14, 1951 in North Providence, RI.  Prior to that, she had completed her studies in Mercy School of Nursing.  After her first vows in 1953, Sr. Ann was sent in mission to St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, LI. serving as a staff nurse there until 1967.  Throughout her religious life, Ann’s ministry has been that of nursing in various health care settings, both in Africa and in the USA.  In 1967, Sister was sent to Liberia-Ghana province, and devoted her skills there until 1976 when she returned to the USA province.  Her first mission stateside was in Arizona, as nurse in the Santa Fe Railroad Clinic.  After getting a degree in Psychology and Counselling, Ann returned to Arizona, nursing in Fort Defiance.  Later in Georgia, she served as a nurse in a Franciscan Hospital. 


From 1982 until 1997 Sister’s ministry was that of a Foster Care Nurse in McMahon Child Care Services, Manhattan, NY.  Then, from 1997 until 2000 she served as nurse in an early child care center in Pawtucket, RI after which she served in the Pastoral Dept. of St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn until 2004.  Then Sr. Ann devoted herself as Case Manager in the Fruit Hill Day Care Center until 2014. Presently, she is a member of DeChappotin Community and volunteers as a receptionist in the FMM Center.


60th Anniversary

Eugenia H.I. Choi, FMM

Eugenia entered the FMM in Macao in December, 1955.   There, she made her first and then, final vows on December 15, 1961.  When the Bishop asked the sisters to take up responsibilities in the Diocesan High School, Eugenia was one of the sisters, and served there from 1962 until 1968.  Then Sister was sent to USA for further education and in 1975 was permanently missioned there.  Thus, Sister began a number of years in various pastoral, counseling, guidance and psychological ministries for immigrants and parishioners at public educational and Catholic facilities.  At present, Sr. Eugenia is at Fruit Hill where she enjoys her time and hopes to spend more time in prayer. She was unable to be present for the celebration as she is visiting family in China.                                     






60th anniversary

Maria de Pilar Garcia  (Ana Lina)

Sister Ana Lina entered the FMM in March, 1955 in Pamplona, Spain, made her first vows in March, 1958 and final vows in March 1961 in Grottaferrata, Italy.  In Spain, Sister worked in the sacristy and embroidery room and later, in Rome she worked in Vatican City making vestments for three years.


In 1961, Sister was missioned to the USA where she first served as group mother and child-care supervisor in McMahon Shelter, NYC.  After studies, in 1977 she became a social worker aide there.  Sister did this until 1993 when she was sent to work in the Records Room, living at Holy Name of Jesus convent in Manhattan.  Then in 2001, Ana Lina was missioned to do social work with the poor in Waukegan, Illinois.

Sister is presently at Fruit Hill in the Assisted Living Facility, where she has a gift of bringing smiles and laughter to all.




60th Anniversary

Gloria Carpinello, FMM

Gloria entered the FMM on September 15, 1955 at Fruit Hill.  After making first vows in March 1958, she was missioned to Roslyn, N.Y. where she served as administrative dietician.  In 1962 Sister pronounced her final vows and the next year was sent in mission to the province of Ghana/Liberia.  There, Gloria served as a home economics teacher, formator of young African religious, collaborator with US AID Development Project, etc. and in 1978,  the service of Provincial.  After a time of renewal and study in the USA, Gloria remained, and was involved in spiritual direction, medical clinical administration and several other ministries, among them being a volunteer clown, spreading joy among the sick children at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton. 





60th Anniversary

Marie-Paule Germaine Willem, fmm

Marie-Paule entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Gooreind, Belgium, October 15, 1955. After her first vows, she helped to found a school of “pericultrices” in Mechelen, where she taught until 1965, the year she was missioned to Argentina. Working in Buenos Aires and other cities during the time of persecution. In 1974, she was sent to Asuncion, Paraguay to work with the “campesinos” and political prisoners until she was forced to leave in 1977.


In 1979 she was missioned to the USA to Texas on the Mexican Border working in Roma, Sullivan City-Penitas as a DRE and with immigrants until 1989. After study in Fordham University, NY, she went in 1991 to co-found Our Lady of Guadalupe in Chamberino, NM. Bishop Ramirez, that same year nominated her for parish Life Coordinator (pastor) of Garfield-Derry-Arrey-Hillsboro, where she worked until 2003.

After a sabbatical in Brussels and Rome she returned to 97th St. NY working as coordinator at the Senior Service Center and as pastoral Associate at Holy Name Parish. Today, she works at her mission in Las Cruces, NM, overseeing bilingual programs for the Catholic Community as well as outreach at the local women’s detention center. Wherever Marie-Paule is missioned, she serves with enthusiasm and compassion without counting the cost.


60th Anniversary
Minda Castrillo, FMM

Minda earned a Bachelor in Education in a Dominican University and was a high school teacher prior to joining the FMMs, about whom she read in their publication “Far Away Missions”.  Minda entered the FMMs in 1955 and made first vows in September, 1958.  She dreamed of being sent to China, but it was not to be.  After studies at a Jesuit University, she became a faculty member of the Franciscan seminary and the college department of our FMM School as well as ministries in their high school.  Sister was entrusted with giving the battery of tests etc. to postulants of the OFM.  With martial law during Marcos’ regime, the FMM school was phased out and Minda was led by the Lord to engage in the hospital apostolate as well as supervision of a very good number of seminarians, religious and pastors of various denominations from 1975 1993.  In 1993, Minda was sent to the USA province where she is doing chaplaincy work in St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn.





Jubilee Mass Prayer

Fr. Nick’s Homily