Meeting-Superior General, General Councilor Community Coordinators

Meeting-Superior General, General Councilor Community Coordinators

Front: L-R:  Kim Loan Nguyen, fmm, Marie Cinotti, fmm :

Seated L-R: Pauline Williams, fmm. Patricia Barrett, fmm, Elizabeth  AnnConyers, fmm

Back: L-R:  Nancy Cabral, fmm, Emilie Duchaney, fmm, Maria Concepcion, fmm, Mary Petrosky, fmm,

Françoise Massy, fmm, Superior General, Lois Ann Pereira, fmm, Jacqueline  LaVie, fmm. Yvette Hubert, fmm,

Beatrice Costagliola, fmm, Noreen Murray, fmm, provincial, Narelle Skeers, fmm, General Councilor


Local Coordinators and Provincial Leadership of the United States Province  participated with

Françoise Massy, fmm  superior general and Narelle Skeers, fmm, general councilor for a workshop on Transformation.

TRANSFORMATION…. a word that begs us to be aware of its sources as we use it with increasing frequency to look at an unfolding future in our journey. ..

TRANSFORMATION…. a word that begs us to be aware of its sources as we use it with increasing frequency to look at an unfolding future in our journey. 

For some years the Leadership Conference of Women Religious has plunged into questions about the nature of Universe we inhabit.   Each year led LCWR and  the Congregations of Women Religious it represents were led each year into deeper contemplative space, at times, surrounded by a dark night.1  New insights about the Mystery of God’s Love and Action emerged.  This year they gathered around the theme Embracing the Mystery: Living Transformation.  They considered where God is moving in today’s world as they recognize themselves as smaller and graying communities.  

The journey of these years lived simultaneously with women religious in the United States who are members of LCWR, has led us to Wisdom, which as Tom Clarke, sj noted speaks to us of tranquil enlightenment…the way things are as manifesting the divine presence.2  However, he recognizes from his perspective of more than eighty years, that prophecy, wisdom’s sibling, is often upset with the way things are.  Rather than assign prophecy to youth and wisdom to old age, he suggests that both wisdom and prophecy are abiding and complementary facets of life’s integral response to the world as it is.  There is a time for saying yes and a time for saying no.  God asks of all of us, regardless of age, what can we learn from, and what can we contribute to this time and no other?

As we ponder this question, Wisdom and Prophecy throughout one’s life, together with one’s companions on the road, opens our insights to our mission in the unfolding of God’s Universe. God is moving among us and within us.   A new morning is rising and we are being called to enter the transformative process together with the Universe.

As FMM we are invited to enter intentionally with new energy into Transformation as an Institute throughout the world.  As this process is launched there are various gatherings – beginning steps – toward co-creation of our future in the Institute.  Recently the nine provincials of the Continent of America met with the General Council in Lyon, Mexico.  They shared their realities, moving towards thinking continent.  A proposal emerged for a continental novitiate which is being further explored. 




Meeting of Provincial Council and Provincial Burser with François Massy and Narelle Skeers e

Meeting of Provincial Council and Provincial Burser with  Françoise Massy & Narelle Skeers



L-R: Seated:  Narelle Skeers, fmm, General Councilor, Françoise Massy, fmm, Superior General,,

Yen Thi  Nguyen, fmm,  Provincial Treasurer

Back Row: Provincial Councilors, Sheila Lehmkuhle, fmm. Pauline Gilmore, fmm, 

Noreen Murray, fmm Provincial, Betty Keegan, fmm, Barbara Dopierala, fmm