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Maria del Pilar Garcia Aranillas, fmm (M. Ana Lina)

                              November 19,  2016

Maria del Pilar Garcia Aranillas, fmm (M. Ana Lina)

Sister Ana Lina Garcia was born in Valladolid, Spain, April 12, 1926 to Gregorio and Jeronima Garcia. She entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in Pamplona, Spain. After making her First Vows in 1958, Ana Lina was missioned to the FMM community in Vatican City, Italy, and after Final Vows (1961), to the United States.

A member of the FMM community in Harlem, NY, she worked as a group mother and supervisor of infants in McMahon Child Care Shelter. Later, from 1977 – 2002, she worked as a Social Worker Aide and in the Records Room at McMahon Services, which had moved to New York City.  During this time, Ana Lina was a member of the FMM community at East 45thStreet.

Ana Lina studied Advanced Child Care at Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New York. Her knowledge and experience enabled her to fill the position of supervisor.  Her special skills in sewing and making vestments perfected when in Vatican City continued to be appreciated and of tremendous value. When in the Vatican, she used her talents in the service of Saint Pope John XXIII. Also of note, Ana Lina had a speaking knowledge of Spanish, Italian, French and English which endeared her to so many!

Ana Lina was missioned to Waukegan, Illinois where she collaborated in social ministry among the poor in the parish. After several years, there, she was missioned to Trinity Community, Fruit Hill, North Providence, RI and later to St. Antoine Residence in North Smithfield, RI.

Wherever she went, Ana Lina brought joy, laughter and was loved by her fmm sisters, family and co-workers.  She combined a mischievous frankness, humor, uniqueness and genuine love – all of which endeared her to family, sisters and friends.

Oh Virgen del Pilar, Reina y Madre.  España y todas las naciones hispanas reconocen con gratitud tu protección

constante y esperan seguir contando con ella. 

Obténnos de tu Hijo fortaleza en la fe, seguridad

en la esperanza y constancia en el amor.

Queremos que en todos los instantes de nuestra vida

sintamos que tu eres nuestra Madre.

Por Jesucristo nuestro Señor.  Amén.



Transitus of Mary of the Passion


Transitus of Mary of the Passion   

14th -15th November (+ 2 videos)

« Leave me alone with the good God.
Very soon, I shall be very well indeed.»
Mary of the Passion, 15th November 1904, a few hours before dying

On 14th November evening, we celebrate the Transitus of Mary of the Passion, Foundress of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. The word TRANSITUS means the passage from this life to another life with God. The word also evokes the joy of returning to the Father’s house.

The transitus of Mary of the Passion took place on November 15th1904, at seven minutes past two, in Sanremo, Italy. Mary of the Passion was 65 years old. 

Three weeks before her death, Mary of the Passion invited the sisters to live in this thought: “I am consecrated to God, my end is Love”. This declaration reveals the basic orientation of her life, but also the source from which she drew, identified herself and belonged.

Worn out by the fatigue of incessant journeys and daily labour, and after a short illness, Mary of the Passion went serenely to meet this God of Love, whom she had sought, contemplated and loved during her whole life. Her mortal remains repose in a private oratory of the Generalate House in Rome.

On this day, we invite you to pray with us, watching and downloading these two videos:
 CLICK HERE (1st video) and  HERE (2nd video)
On 15th November, we celebrate the Liturgical Feast of our Blessed Mother Foundress. You can find some liturgical directions on the section “FMM Calendar”.
Thank you, O Lordfor the gift
of this extraordinary woman who has let herself be seized by You.
Happy Feast to all the FMM and to all our Associated and Friends!
    Mary of the Passion’s room in San Remo
The clock of her room: it stopped at the moment of her departure for the Father’s house



The Feast Day of our Blessed Assunta, fmm

Assunta, a child in wonderment

Assunta lived a very short but very intense life!
She said nothing special.
She did not do anything great in the eyes of the world

but her life is a message!

Maria Assunta Pallotta was born on 20th August 1878 in Force, a small village perched on the summit of a hill opening out on to a vast horizon, in the region of the Marches in Italy.

She shared the simple, poor life of hard work of her milieu and her family, allowing to emerge in her the “true child” which is at the heart of each person:the limitless condifence in God who, she feels, loves her.

At the age of 20, she left her small village and became a Franciscan Missionnary of Mary.Her life continued to be simple and humble, marked by hard work, and she remained the child in wonderment at seeing her life transformed by the touch of God. Her spiritual testament tells us:


“I ask the Lord for

the grace

of making known

to the world
purity of intention,

which consists in doing everything for
love of God,

even the most

ordinary actions.”


She died in China on 7th April 1905. Her last words, in chinese, were: Shen-ti! Shen-ti!”: “the Eucharist! the Eucharist!”
She was beatified on 7th November 1954: it was the Church’s seal on a simple, humble and poor life, penetrated by Love.



On her liturgical feast, we invite you to visit
the pages concerning Assunta

and to watch and download two videos: 

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