Leadership Workshop

L-R Front: Anne Adounkpe (Canada)  , Barbara Dopierala, ( USA)  Wieslawa Kumiliewcz  (UK) , Marianna Jung  (Canada),

                  Margaret  Culloty (USA), Carmelita Cusay  (Canada) ,  Leena D’Sousa (Chennai, India—Facilitator)

      Middle: Annette John, Elizabeth Ann Conyers (USA), Pauline Williams (USA), Vinnie Catania    , Patricia Barrett (USA),

                    Conchy Zunzarren (USA), Jackie LaVie   (USA), Millie  Morrissey (USA),

      Back: Yvette Hubert (USA),  Pauline Gilmore (USA),  Mary Fitzpatrick, (UK), Marie Cinotti (USA), Betty Keegan (USA),  

                Bea Costagliola (USA), Emilie Duchaney (USA), Sheila Lehmkuhle (USA),                                                                             
    Benedicta Amizah (Ghana-Liberia—Facilitator), Jacqueline Lalonde (Canada).

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of the Workshop in North Providence.



2017- Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Jubilarians

2017- Franciscan Missionaries of Mary  Jubilarians  


A Jubilee Mass, was celebrated at Holy Family Chapel, Fruit Hill, North Providence
for those celebrating their Jubilees in 2017.

 Images of Sisters not able to be present are contained in circles.
They are L-R:
Sr. Lois Ann Van Delft, fmm, 60th year; Sr. Lois Houlihan, fmm , 70th year;    
Sr. Mary E. Petrosky, fmm, 65th year; Sr. Helen Mary Riordan, 70th year.

Standing, 1st row L-R: Sr. Alma Dufault,  fmm, 70th year; Sr. Aline Giroux, fmm, 65th year; 
Sr. Frances Milano, fmm, 65th year;  Sr.Carol Flaherty, fmm, 60th year;

Back Row: Sr. Noreen Murray, fmm, 50th year; Fr. Dennis Keaton, celebrant;      

Sr. Emilie Duchany, fmm 60th year;  Sr. Lois Anne Pereira, fmm, 50th year;

Sr. Claudette Simard, fmm, 65th year

Rhode Island Officials Pay Tribute to State’s Oldest Residents

Rhode Island Officials Pay Tribute to State’s Oldest Residents.


     Sr. Savina D’ Agostino, Franciscan Missionary of Mary is congratulated by Governor Gina Raimondo. Sr. Savina is 105      years old.Sr, Savina D’Agostino, FMM entered the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary March  15, 1931 in Holy Family Novitiate North Providence. She made her final vows September 17,  1936.  Her past ministries include sacristan, religious education, seamstress, home  visitation, and care of the sick. She spent twenty six years on the Navajo Reservation in  Arizona.  Her great love is for the Navajo People who she visited in their Hogans instructing  them in the Catholic faith and caring for the sick amongst them.  She spent thirteen years in  San Francisco and three years in St. Louis with a ministry to the elderly.  A skilled  seamstress, she conducted sewing and quilting classes for the residents.   She spent several  years as sacristan and other community services using her many gifts.  She continues to be  keen of mind and interested in community and world news.