A Reflection for Christmas, 2017




A Reflection for Christmas, 2017  

by Sr. Marie Thérèse Beaudoin, fmm – Jerusalem


 “There was no room for them in the inn” Lc 2,7

No place for them! It was then a poor stable that welcomed the Holy Family!
The manger offered to the King of Glory was a bit of straw to lay in.


For many years the situation in this land has been disturbed. A land where it becomes difficult to “find a place” to live in peace. Partition, exclusion, expropriations, wall of separation, massive destruction of infrastructure: airports, roads, bridges, factories, water pipeline, power plant, hospitals and schools. It’s a vast field of ruins!
The persisting intolerable situation, leads to mass Exodus of Christians to other continents… and happy are those who have the means to leave! While the others look for refuge in their neighboring countries, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt … where they themselves are already overpopulated.
Sr. Marie Thérèse Beaudoin- French, Sr. Herminia Cruz – Filipina and Sr. Dolores Gavira – Spanish
members of Jerusalem community
Here I am Lord, You who arouse in me the fire of YOUR LOVE in their hearts. Everywhere, there are different projects of help conducted. The Churches and convents opened their houses to the homeless. The psychological help is offered to the traumatized adults and specially children. A number of families from other foreign countries adopted these oriental families in distress. In the summer camp, the young ones and the children rediscovered the joy of living, develop their gifts, prayed, deepened their faith and discovered how wonderful it is to live together in PEACE and LOVE.
Lord Jesus, you came among us to realize the dream of God.. to make this world a oasis of PEACE, of Brotherhood and of Love! We thank you for all the beautiful and courageous initiatives in realizing and incarnating many valuable things in these years of suffering. Keep us vigilant and always ready to realize the dream of your Father.

Christmas in a refugee camp

 Come, Lord Jesus, come. We are waiting for you.
Come dwell in us and in our hearts.
Sr. Marie Thérèse Beaudoin, fmm


Transitus of Saint Francis of Assisi


Transitus of Saint Francis of Assisi   October 3rd
      From the earliest days of the Franciscan Order, the followers of St. Francis have gathered on the anniversary of his death to celebrate his transitus, that is, St. Francis’ passage from earthly life into everlasting life. We, too, remember to celebrate the light, which Francis was to his world. But, this celebration is not only a memorial, a remembering of one who has gone before us. It is also celebration of the spirit of Francis in our midst today, in each of us.
This is a time when we, inspired by Francis, consider how we can be light for our world.


 Let us commemorate his death with the aid of this video:    

“Transitus of Saint Francis of Assisi”